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The graph above shows the Peoria Area ACT composite comparisons for the 2014.  Our 2015 composite score improved to 25.0, our highest ACT average in our 65 year history. 

Distinctively Christian. Decidedly Academic

Main Campus 3506 N. California Ave., Peoria, IL 61603

Monroe Campus 3725 N. Monroe Ave., Peoria Heights, IL 61616


The elementary staff considers it a privilege to partner with the Christian home to prepare students to lead Christ-like lives through a biblical approach to education.

The Elementary 

Middle School

What a wonderful opportunity we have to minister to the hearts of moldable young ladies and young men.  Children enter our doors in fifth grade and four years later, young adults leave.

The Middle School

High School

We are living in a world that is clamoring for each of us to be alike and accept each person’s individual preference to be different!

The High School