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Sat. April 26 - Annual School Auction Tickets are still available in the Business Office.

Mon. April 28 - Association Meeting 7 pm, North Gym, Main campus.

Fri./Sat. May 2 & 3 - Excerpts of Broadway 2 Click on the show name for online tickets.

The "News/Events" tab has additional event information.

Welcome to Peoria Christian School! Peoria Christian School was founded in 1950 with the specific intention to provide an environment where students can grow spiritually and intellectually. At all grade levels, our students are learning how to develop a biblical worldview so they will be prepared to impact their world for Christ. PCS is a college prep school that equips students to enter and engage at the collegiate level in every aspect. Our Christ-centered, rigorous academic program helps build young people into leaders in our churches, community and country. We are excited about what God is doing in our school and we look forward to scheduling a visit and tour for you.

Common Core and Curriculum at PCS describes how standards impact what we do at PCS. (click here for video link)

Campus locations:

Main Campus - PreK and Elementary/Business Offices/High School - 3506 N. California Ave., Peoria, Illinois, 61603, Phone (309) 686-4500, Fax (309) 686-2569.

Middle School Campus - 5th - 8th grade, 3725 N. Monroe Ave., Peoria Heights, Illinois, 61616, Phone (309) 681-0500, Fax (309) 681-9371.

PreK North Campus at Grace Presbyterian Church - Additional 3 and 4 year old preschool options, 8607 N. State Rt. 91, Peoria, Illinoi, 61615. Call the Main campus for information on Preschool North at (309) 686-4500 ext. 17, Fax (309) 686-2569, email

General Email: