Sectional Championship

PCS 1 UHigh 2 Halftime 0-2
9th min U Redd(pk) 12th min U Kelley(Jenkins) 64th PC Cupi

Shots PC 7 U 7
Fouls PC 30 U 13
Offside PC 2 U 2
Corners PC 3 U 7
Saves PC 5 Showalter U 6 Lopez

PC 20-1-2

Sectional Semifinal

Final PCS 5 Mendota 1 Halftime 3-1
Scoring 4th min PC Wuebben(Rodman) 5th min M Salinas(Arteaga) 22nd min PC Cupi(Brooke) 26th min PC Wuebben(Brooke) 40:28 PC Rodman(Wuebben) 45th PC Cupi(Rodman)

Shots PC 10 M 3
Fouls PC 8 M 7
Corners PC 6 M 3
Offside PC 1 M 0
Saves PC 2 Showalter M 5 Figueroa

Record PC 20-0-2 Mendota 16-5-2

GameNotes: PCS advances to play in the Sectional Final for 3rd year in a row. PCS is in the Sweet 16 for the 6th time in the last 8 years.


Regional Championship

PCS 4 Monmouth Roseville 0 Halftime 2-0

Scoring 10th Brooke(Wuebben) 26th Johnson(Gallup) 45th Cupi 62nd Wuebben(Rodman)

Shots PC 10 MR 6 Fouls PC 11 MR 8 Corners PC 8 MR 7 Offside PC 0 MR 1 Saves PC 6 Showalter MR 6 Miranda

Record 19-0-2

GameNotes: PCS wins their 3rd straight Regional Title. PCS earned their 13th shutout on the year. PCS has now scored 103 goals on the year while conceding 9. PCS won their 10th consecutive home IHSA playoff game.



Regional Semifinal

PCS 7 Macomb 0 HT 4-0

Scoring: 7th Rodman(Brooke) 32nd Gallup(Faulkner) 35th Wuebben (Brooke) 39th Rodman (Brooke) 46th Brooke(Wuebben) 57th Steidinger (Wuebben) 79th Whitman

Shots PC 14 M 0 Fouls PC 6 M 8 Corners PC 7 M 0 Offside PC 2 M 1 Saves PC 0 Showalter/Yates/Doubet M 7 Benson

Record : PCS 18-0-2

Game Notes: PCS will play Monmouth Roseville Friday 10/14 at 6:30 at Eastside. MR beat IVC 3-2.



PCS vs Washington

PCS 2 Washington 2 halftime 2-2

Scoring: 7th PC Pierce(Gallup) 12th PC Rodman(Gallup) 18th W Spalding(Andres) 26th W Buck(Andres)

Shots PC 6 W 6 Fouls PC 8 W 9 Corners PC 4 W 10 Offside PC 1 W 1 Saves PC 4 Yates/Showalter W 4 Martinez

Record PCS 17-0-2 Washington 14-3-2

GameNotes: PCS finishes the regular season undefeated for the first time in program history since joining the IHSA. PCS has scored 92 goals and allowed 9 goals. PCS starts Regional play on Tuesday versus Macomb at 4:30.




PCS vs Dunlap

PCS 1 Dunlap 0 HT 0-0

Scoring 74th PC Gallup(Steidinger)

Shots PC 7 Dunlap 5 Fouls PC 16 Dunlap 12 Corners PC 3 Dunlap 5 Offside PC 1 Dunlap 0 Saves PC 5 Showalter Dunlap 6 Greseth

Record PCS 17-0-1

Gamenotes: Great way for our 16 seniors to have their Sr night. This team plays with so much heart and unity. Joel Showalter and the defense of Martez Johnson, Hunter Huber, Cameron Rosetto, Jensson Faulkner and Anthony Joseph has helped our team earn their 11th shutout. Alex Gallup's game winning goal came from a great pass by Dylan Steidinger.




PCS 5 IVC 1 HT 3-0

Scoring: 14th PC Brooke 35th PC Rodman 37th PC Brooke 47th PC Rodman(Wuebben) 54th PC Wuebben(Brooke) 64th IVC Crull(PK)

Shots PC 13 IVC 2 Fouls PC 8 IVC 7 Corners PC 14 IVC 2 Offside PC 1 IVC 0 Saves PC 1 Showalter IVC 8 Fenelon

Record PCS 16-0-1

Game Notes: JV won 5-0.



PCS vs Pekin

PCS 7 Pekin 0 Halftime score 5-0

Scoring: 3rd min Gallup(Cupi) 12th min Wuebben(Joseph) 27th min Gallup 34th min Gallup 35th min Wuebben(Brooke) 45th min Brooke(Wuebben) 50th min Brooke(Wuebben)

Shots PC 13 P 1 Fouls PC 7 P7 Offside PC 1 P 0 Corners PC 5 P 2 Saves PC 1 Showalter/Yates P 6 Smith

Record PCS 15-0-1

JV PC wins 4-0.



PCS vs Illini Bluffs

PCS 3 IB 0 HT 1-0

Scoring 18th Jon Wuebben 43rd Rodman(Brooke) 72nd Rodman(Cupi)

Shots PC 23 IB 2 Fouls PC 13 IB 11 Corners PC 10 IB 1 Offside PC 0 IB 1 Saves PC 2 Showalter IB 20 Cox

Record PC 14-0-1

Game Notes: 9th shutout for Joel Showalter. Jon Wuebben 23rd goal of the year and Mason Brooke's 16th assist both team leaders.



PCS vs Monmouth Roseville

PCS 2 M-R 0 halftime 2-0

Scoring 13th PC Wuebben(Showalter) 38th PC Rodman

Shots PC 7 MR 7 Corners PC 8 MR 2 Fouls PC 14 MR 6 Offside PC 0 MR 1 Saves PC 7 Showalter MR 5 Miranda

Record PC 13-0-1

Game Notes: Joel Showalter recorded his first career assist on a punt that Jon Wuebben scored off of in the 13th minute. He went on to record the shutout as goalkeeper as well.




PCS 10 BCC 1 halftime 5-0

Scoring 12th min PC Brooke(Gallup) 16th PC Gallup(Brooke) 34th PC Brooke(Wuebben) 35th PC Wuebben(Dalton) 39th PC Wuebben(Gallup) 43rd PC Brooke 46th PC Cupi(Brooke) 48th PC Rodman(Wuebben) 49th PC Steidinger(Wuebben) 51st PC Brooke(Gallup) 58th BCC Bentley (Tomerlin)

Records PC 12-0-1 BCC 1-14-1

Shots PC 20 BCC 1 Fouls PC 2 BCC 3 Corners PC 9 BCC 1 Offside PC 11 BCC 0 Saves PC 0 Showalter/Yates BCC 10 Miklich

Game Notes: PCS was given the #1 seed in the upcoming IHSA playoffs. PCS will host a Regional this year. Mason Brooke scored 4 goals and had 2 assists.



PCS vs Morton

PCS 6 Morton 1 HT 5-0

Scoring 9th PC Rodman 17th min PC Wuebben(Gallup) 32nd PC Johnson(Brooke) 34th PC Wuebben(Cupi) 36th PC Wuebben(Sandoval) 50th M Pfeifer(Olden) 63rd PC Steidinger(Wuebben)

Shots PC 10 M 5 Fouls PC 14 M 4 Offside PC 3 M 0 Corners PC 6 M 3 Saves PC 4 Showalter/ Yates M 4 Troncin

PCS 11-0-1 Morton 3-4-1

JV PC 4 Morton 0

Game Notes: First program win in PC history versus Morton. Martez Johnson has now scored goals in back to back games.



Homecoming game PCS vs Central

PCS 5 Central 0 HT 3-0

Scoring 17th min Gallup(Rodman) 32nd min Johnson(Brooke) 37th Wuebben(Cupi) 41st Brooke(Wuebben) 45th Wuebben (Brooke)

Shots PC 13 C 0 Fouls PC 3 C 2 Corners PC 4 C 1 Offside PC 1 C 0 Saves PC 0 Showalter/Yates C 8 Diaz

GameNotes: Game called 6 mins into 2nd half due to lightning. It was PCS 3rd game of the week and their 3rd shutout. Great atmosphere for homecoming with the pep band and presentation of homecoming court with 3 soccer players Joshua David, Chase Doubet, and Noah Rodman.

JV beat Quest 5-1 It's the first goal conceded in 6 games. David Pierce scored his first goal!



PCS vs Metamora

PCS 7 Metamora 0 HT 3-0

Scoring 11th min Gallup(Rodman/Wuebben) 19th Brooke(Wuebben) 32nd Wuebben(Brooke) 50th Dalton(Brooke) 52nd own goal 53rd Brooke(Wuebben) 54th Dalton

Shots PC 12 M 2 Fouls PC 1 M 4 Corners PC 3 M 2 Offside PC 0 M 0 Saves PC 2 Showalter/Yates M Greenfield/Martin

JV PCS 2 Metamora 0

Game Notes Andrew Dalton scored twice in the same game for the second time of his career. It was the team's 6th shutout on the year



PCS at Williamsville

PCS 2 Williamsville 0 HT 2-0

Scoring 23rd min Wuebben (Brooke) 30th min Huber(Brooke)

Shots PC 9 W 1 Fouls PC 7 W 4 Offside PC 2 W 0 Corners PC 8 W 3 Saves PC 1 Showalter W 7 Roscetti

Record PC 8-0-1

Game Notes JV won 1-0 on a Ethan Sandoval free kick and a combined shutout by Chase Doubet and AJ Yates.

Varsity records another shutout on the season with a good defensive display from Martez Johnson, Hunter Huber, Cameron Rosetto, Mitchell Whitman and Jensson Faulkner

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PCS vs Onalaska, Wi

PCS 1 Onalaska 1 HT 1-0 PCS

Scoring 24th PC Cupi(Steidinger) 75th O Naik

Shots PC 10 O 3 Fouls PC 11 O 7 Corners PC 8 O 3 Offside PC 0 O 1 Saves PC 2 Showalter O 9 Briling

PCS Record 7-0-1



PCS vs Green Bay Notre Dame

Woodside Sports HS Shootout PCS 9 GBND 0 HT 6-0

Scoring 5th Brooke(Rodman) 9th Wuebben (Rodman) 12th Brooke (Rodman) 16th Wuebben 18th Wuebben(Rodman) 38th Rodman(Gallup) 52nd Wuebben(Rodman) 54th Wuebben(Rodman) 56th Cupi(Rodman)

Shots PC 13 GB 6 Fouls PC 9 GB 4 Offside PC 3 GB 1 Corners PC 6 GB 4 Saves PC 6 Showalter GB 4 Watzka

Record 7-0

Game notes: Green Bay Notre Dame was a state final four team last year. Noah Rodman recorded a school record 7 assists in one game and Jon Wuebben's 5 goals is a school record.



PCS vs Roanoke Benson Eureka

PCS 6 RBE 0 halftime. 3-0

Scoring 32nd min Wuebben(Gallup) 36th Rodman(Cupi, Wuebben) 39th Sandoval(Rodman) 45th Sandoval (Wuebben) 62nd Dalton(Yacoub) 65th Huber (Brooke, Rodman)

Shots PC 16 RBE 3 Fouls PC 8 RBE 3 Corners PC 12 RBE 0 Offside PC 3 RBE 0 Saves 3 Showalter RBE 10 Bachman

Record PCS 6-0-0

Game Notes First two goal varsity game for Ethan Sandoval. Joel Showalter recorded his 3rd shutout in first varsity season.



PCS vs Galesburg

Final PCS 2 Galesburg 1 Halftime 0-1 Galesburg

Scoring 37th G Biamungu 68th PC C. Rosetto(Gallup) 68th min PC Wuebben(Cupi)

Shots PC 12 G 3 Fouls PC 7 G 16 Corners PC 3 G 3 Saves PC 2 Showalter G 10 Mboyo

PCS 4-0-0 Galesburg 3-1-1

Game notes: A very physical battle where the mental toughness of PCS was challenged and they rose to the challenge. Both goals were scored 40 seconds apart. Great effort by the team



Charger Classic

PCS 9 Springfield Calvary 0 Scoring 8th C.Rosetto(Brooke) 11th Wuebben(Cupi) 20th Rodman(Brooke) 23rd Brooke(Whitman) 25th Rodman(Brooke) 27th Wuebben(Steidinger) 31st Gallup(Sandoval/Steidinger) 33rd Whitman 43rd Lee(Pierce)

Shots PC 19 SC 0 Fouls PC 3 SC 2 Corners PC 5 SC 0 Saves PC 0 Showalter/Doubet SC 10 Rose

PC 6 STM 1 Halftime 2-1

Scoring 17th PC Wuebben(Huber) 25th STM Craft(Hoffman) 32nd PC Cupi(Faulkner) 37th PC Wuebben(Rodman) 65th PC Wuebben(Brooke) 68th PC Cupi(Brooke) 69th Sandoval(Steidinger)

Shots PC 12 STM 4 Fouls PC 12 STM 6 Corners PC 2 STM 2 Saves PC 3 Showalter STM 6 Sellett

PCS 3-0-0

PCS wins back to back Charger Classics All Tourney Team PCS Gallup, Rodman, Brooke, Wuebben

Final Standings 1st Peoria Christian 2nd St Thomas More 3rd Macomb 4th Springfield Calvary