Admissions policies for Peoria Christian School include adherence to the following criteria:

Age Requirements  

By September 1, an applicant for the 4-year-old Pre-Kindergarten program must be four years old, and an applicant for Kindergarten must be five years old. 

Health Records

Illinois state law requires physical examinations for each student in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, fifth, and ninth grades. If a child is entering PCS while not in one of the above mentioned grades, we will obtain physical examination and immunization records from the child's previous school. A list of required forms for enrollment is available from the office.

All athletes must have a current sports physical on file before participating.

Faith Criteria

Because Peoria Christian School regards its mission as supporting the Christian home and church by preparing students to lead Christ-like lives through a biblical approach to education, one custodial parent (preferably both) must to be a born-again believer.  In other words, it is our requirement that at least one of the custodial parents has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.  

We also ask that the custodial family be actively living out their faith in a Bible-believing church. The Pastor Questionnaire form is required for enrollment (linked here). A family does not need to be a member of their church but at least active in attendance. 

Preschool North enrollment does not require a Pastor Questionnaire.

Academic Requirements

A copy of the student's latest report card and latest standardized test score will need to be turned in to the Admissions Office after the online application is completed. It is expected that students will have scored at the 40th percentile or higher on their most recent standardized test.

Students in grades 1 -8 will be scheduled for a placement check and/or achievement testing to assess the student's educational skills in relation to the anticipated grade level enrollment. High School students will turn in a copy of their latest transcript. All incoming freshmen are asked to take a math placement test. 

The grade placement for all students is assumed to be in accordance with previous fully completed grade level course work.  However, should previous testing and/or placement tests indicate a question of placement, the principal and the family will discuss the final placement. Please note that PCS is not equipped to meet all special educational needs.

Admissions Interview

An interview with the principal and an admissions committee representative is a necessary part of the admissions process.  For preschool and elementary students, parents only are asked to come to the interview. For Middle and High school applicants, the student must attend the interview with their parents.

Admissions interviews are scheduled by the Admissions Office after the online application, all paperwork and placement testings have been completed. 

The interview process helps assess the parents' motivation in seeking the student's enrollment at PCS, as well as the student's willingness to attend and adhere to the discipline policies.  It is also designed to ascertain the likelihood that the school and family can cooperate on the faith, philosophical, and academic issues involved in the education of their child.

Admissions Interview (continued)

The applicant and parents must communicate substantial agreement with the general purposes and policies of the school. The principal will address academic requirements during the interview. The admission interviews are normally 20 minutes in length for preschool and elementary students and 40 minutes for Middle and High School students.    

Admission Decisions

Acceptance to the school is based on the compatibility of the family with the general mission and purpose of the school, the student's desire to attend PCS, and the needs of the student along with the school's ability to meet those needs. Your individual on-line registration link is available after acceptance and completion is required for enrollment. Your tuition contact will need to be signed and submitted prior to enrollment.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Peoria Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, or disability. The school does, however, reserve the right to deny admission to any individual who cannot benefit from the experience based on past academic achievement or whose personal lifestyle is not in harmony with the stated philosophy and purpose of PCS. 

New Families

The application fee is $105 for the oldest child and $55 for each additional sibling. Note: Preschool North applications are $55 for each student - choose the "Program" - Preschool North for that application.

New families can apply for their students using the online application form (See the black button entitled "Student Application Form" on the Admissions tab of the website or click here) and begin with the "Oldest or Only Student Application". Each additional sibling can be added using the "Add New Applicant" button and then choosing the "Sibling Application" under the sibling's name.

New family and current family applications for future enrollments in preschool and kindergarten are accepted at any time. Applications for the coming school year can be submitted at any time during the school year prior to the requested year of enrollment. Transfer applications during the school year are accepted at any time; however, they will be processed based on space availability, completion and adherence of all application requirements, and time left in the school year to complete required classes.

Current Families Enrolling New Students

Current families can apply for siblings before January 1st for priority enrollment. Using the online application form (See the black button entitled "Student Application Form" on the Admissions tab of the website or click here) choose the "Add New Applicant" button after signing in and fill out your new students information. Choose the "Sibling Application" under your new students name. An application fee of $55 is required for each additional sibling enrolling from a current family.

Admission Steps   (or click on the "Application Process" button)

1) submit the online application, 2) give the Pastor Questionnaire to your church to complete, 3) turn in copies of the student's latest report card and standardized test scores to the admissions office, 4) complete the placement tests (as applicable) and turn in necessary forms (birth certificate copy, physical forms, etc), 5) come for the admissions interview, and 6) submit the on-line registration and Business Office forms.

If you have any questions on the application forms or admission requirements, contact our Admissions Office at (309) 686-4500 ext. 217 or email Karen Hutchins at