1.     The name of this organization shall be the “Peoria Christian Athletic Booster Club”. The Peoria Christian Athletic Booster Club will be referred to as Boosters throughout this document.



Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values

1.     The Charger Athletic Program of Peoria Christian School exists to maximize the competitive arena to make god known by teaching students biblical principles such as honor, togetherness, service, hard work, passion, discipline, and integrity in accordance with and as an extension of the academic rigor maintained in the PCS classroom. Therefore, the Boosters of Peoria Christian School will support the Charger Athletic Program in its efforts to maximize the competitive arena to make god known. All policies, procedures, and practices of the Boosters must fit within the overall context of the values, philosophy, mission, and vision of Peoria Christian School.

2.     It shall be the purpose of the Boosters to promote a Christ-like attitude and fellowship among students, athletes, parents, and faculty. The Boosters will promote, encourage, and strive to elevate PCS student-athletes and athletic programs to be of Christ-centered excellence enabling all involved to maximize the competitive arena to make god known.

3.     The administrative body of the school, in accordance with existing PCS policy, procedures and governing documents, will handle the organization and administration of the Charger Athletic Program. The Boosters shall operate as a support organization not responsible for policy or administrative decisions.

4.     The Boosters will endeavor to cultivate school spirit, involve volunteers, secure resources, and promote Charger athletics.






1.     Any member of the community interested in the purpose of this organization is eligible for membership if he/she is a high school graduate and at least 19 years of age.

2.     Each member shall pay a minimum annual membership fee with additional levels to be established by the Boosters officers.

3.     The privilege of voting, debating, and introducing motions shall be limited to members in good standing of the organization for at least 30 days.

4.     A member in good standing of this organization is any individual who abides by these procedures and has paid their membership fee(s) for the current fiscal year as well as all faculty and staff employed by PCS.

5.     Membership is effective during the current Boosters calendar year (June 1-May 31).

6.     The organization shall conduct an annual enrollment of members, but persons may be added at any time. Membership dues will not be prorated.



Selection and terms of officers

1.     The officers for the Boosters shall be self-perpetuating. Officer selections must be approved by the Athletic Committee and the School Board before assuming leadership as a Boosters officer.

2.     Officer candidates must be in good standing for at least 60 days and willing to adhere to the PCS Statement of Faith before they may be considered for a position as an officer.

3.     Boosters Officers will be members of the athletic committee.

4.     Boosters Officers shall assume their official duties at the end of the preceding school year.

5.     Boosters Officers will occupy a particular position for 2 consecutive years. They may seek an additional year term in the same position. Thereafter, they are required to be a Boosters member for 1 year before seeking office again.

6.     A member selected by the Athletic Committee shall fill an officer position that becomes vacant during a school year term for the unexpired term.

7.     A Boosters officer must have all of his/her K-12 students enrolled at PCS.

8.     Officers positions shall include:

a.     President – Coordinates with committee chairpersons to ensure smooth operation of the Peoria Christian Athletic Booster Club. Coordinates with the Athletic Committee, Athletic Director(s), and other Peoria Christian Athletic Booster Club officers to select chairpersons for the committees. The president shall serve as the liaison to the Athletic Director(s). He/She shall also coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the Boosters in full support and cooperation with the Charger Athletic Program and larger mandates of the school.

b.     Vice President – Acts as aide to the president and shall perform the duties of the president in the absence or the inability of that officer to serve; shall oversee at least one standing committee, reporting on them in the absence of a chairman at general Boosters meetings; shall perform any other duties assigned to him/her by the Boosters president.

c.     Secretary – Records the minutes of all the meetings of the Boosters and officers; shall have a copy of the approved procedures, and a membership list available at every meeting; shall be the custodian of all official records pertaining to the current school year, and shall conduct all business correspondence including permits, licenses, and reports for such.  He/She will also provide the agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting.

d.     Treasurer – Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures in conjunction with the Athletic Director(s) and PCS Business Manager, presents a financial statement of accounts at every meeting of the Boosters and other times when requested by the Boosters officers. Funds placed into and/or removed from the account will be receipted and confirmed by the PCS Business Manager, Athletic Director, and/or the Boosters treasurer.

9.     Qualifications of Boosters Officers

a.     Officer candidates must give evidence that they:

                                                                     i.         Are born again Christians who are in agreement with the PCS Statement of Faith.

                                                                    ii.         Have all of his/her K-12 students currently enrolled at PCS .

                                                                  iii.         Accept and support the Constitution and Bylaws of PCS.

                                                                   iv.         Have a positive attitude towards Christian education, PCS, and the PCS athletic program.

                                                                    v.         Are active members in their local Christian church.




1.     The Boosters will operate committees, such as Spiritual Development, Concessions, Tournament, Volunteerism, etc., to be established and developed by the Boosters officers.




1.     Meetings will be held regularly throughout the school year, with a minimum of four meetings per year.

2.     The president may change the date and time of the meeting with a notice given to the general membership; all meeting dates must be coordinated with the PCS administration in order to avoid conflicts with other school events.

3.     All voting items require approval by majority of those present at Boosters meetings.

4.     All agenda items must be submitted in e-mail or writing to the president and secretary at least 48 hours prior to the general meeting.



Basic Policies

1.     The purpose of the Boosters is to encourage a positive community spirit at Peoria Christian School.

2.     The Boosters shall be noncommercial and non-partisan.

3.     As a condition of enrollment at PCS, parents and students must agree to submit to the guidelines outlined in the student handbook. Criticism of individual coaches, administrators, and players will not be tolerated. Individuals who find themselves in an irreconcilable disagreement with the school, the Board, or the administration agree to quietly remove their child from the athletic program and/or the school, including required withdrawal from the Boosters.

4.     Communication, both written and verbal from the Boosters, including but not limited to, membership solicitations, meeting information, promotional/marketing/advertising material, and business solicitations, must receive prior approval by the Athletic Committee and Athletic Director(s) and must meet PCS style guidelines when applicable.

5.     The Boosters will dissolve when and if the PCS athletic program no longer exists or at any time the Boosters members, Athletic Committee, or PCS Superintendent deem it to be in the best interest of the school.

6.     If the club dissolves, all money left in the Boosters account will be turned over to the PCS general fund to be used at the discretion of the School Board and the PCS administration.

7.     No individual member of the Boosters shall have any power or authority to incur any debt in the name of this organization, nor shall any member by virtue of membership therein, assume any liability, or be obligated to the payment of any sum or sums of money except the annual dues for membership. No member or officer shall appropriate or assign any property of this organization for use, either public or private, except with prior approval by the majority vote of the officers.

8.     Funds paid out over the amount of $1,000.00 must have the majority approval of the Boosters officers and Athletic Director(s). Funds paid out in excess of $2,500.00, shall be voted on at a general meeting of the Boosters. All items purchased by the Boosters shall become the property of PCS.

9.     Any bills incurred during the course of an approved fundraising project on purchases, which had prior approval by a vote of the organization shall be submitted to the Boosters treasurer as they are received. The Boosters treasurer shall document receipt of the bills and submit bills to the PCS Business Manager.

10.  Each athletic team should appoint a Boosters parent leader, who will report at general meetings and to the Boosters officers. That person will be the director for recruiting club parents and communication coordinator to that team for the Boosters.

11.  Specific team coaches or representatives can make requests for funds or equipment through proper procedures.

12.  Parents of athletes are asked to contribute to sporting events through volunteering in concessions, gate, scoreboard, etc. However, parents are not limited to volunteering in their own child’s sport (i.e. a parent of a middle school boy may volunteer to man gate at a high school girls’ game).

13.  Funds of the Boosters will be managed and deposited in accordance with financial accounts and accounting practices as established by the PCS Business Manager and consistent with PCS Board financial policies.

14.  Restricted or unrestricted contributions, in kind gifts, and bequests for the nonprofit purposes of this organization will be handled and processed by the PCS Business Manager and Advancement Department.



Request for funds

1.     The Boosters officers shall administer, in concordance with these procedures and all governing policies of PCS, any funds raised or received by the Boosters.

2.     The procedure for requesting funds from the Boosters is as follows:

a.     Fill out the Boosters purchase request form (forms are available from the Athletic Director).

b.     Attach applicable pictures, catalog information, etc. if necessary for clarification.

c.     Submit the Boosters purchase request form and applicable attachments to the Athletic Director.



Membership Meeting/Annual Meetings/Special Meetings

1.     The annual meeting of the Boosters for the election of Boosters officers and the transaction of other business shall be held at PCS in May of each year. The secretary shall give written notice of the meeting at least 1 week in advance of the meeting.

2.     The order of business at the annual meeting shall be as follows:

a.     Roll call/Prayer

b.     Approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting

c.     Report of the President

d.     Report of the Secretary

e.     Report of the Treasurer

f.      Report of the Standing Committees

g.     Transactions of other business

h.     Adjournment/Prayer

*In the absence of any objection, the presiding officer may vary the order of business at his/her discretion.

3.     Special meetings of the Boosters may be called at any time by the president or by seven members who file a written request for such a meeting with the secretary. Such requests shall state the purpose of the meeting. Notice of any special meeting shall be given in writing to each member appearing on the membership role of the Boosters, by the secretary, at least 5 days in advance of the meeting stating said purpose. No business other than that specified in the notice shall be transacted at any special meeting.




1.     All participants in the Boosters are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a Godly, exemplary manner befitting representatives of PCS in the community. Any officer or member in the Boosters may be disciplined, suspended, expelled, or removed by the PCS Administrator, the Athletic Committee, or by a majority vote of a quorum of the membership. That individual’s membership paid dues will not be reimbursed.



Amendments to the Procedures

This charter or any part thereof may be amended or replaced by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the general membership in attendance of two consecutive general membership meetings, provided notice of the proposed amendment or repeal has been given to all members, via a meeting announcement, e-mail, or web page posting. The PCS Administration, School Board, and the Athletic