international students guidance with individual planning by nDU Education

Once admitted into the international department, students are given personalized and customized academic plan with specific goals for college and career path under the full direction of Mr. Peter Kim. The plan is a living document that evolves for the needs of the student as he/she develops with an intentional progression towards his/her goals .

Customized Plan Prepared by NDU Educaton

Plan for successful college preparation.

1. Course track at high school: Preparation necessary for super selective, selective, or non selective colleges.

2. Major and Career: Preparation for specific majors and careers. Academic courses/activities/research path devised.

3. Activities: Participate in clubs and teams. Engage communities both small and great. Encouragement to develop well-roundedness and leadership development.

4. Academic management: Constant and consistent support to keep students engaged in individual subjects via a "coaching" model.

5. Living arrangement: Dorm or host family situation suited to students' needs.