PCS at Williamsville

PCS 2 Williamsville 0 HT 2-0

Scoring 23rd min Wuebben (Brooke) 30th min Huber(Brooke)

Shots PC 9 W 1 Fouls PC 7 W 4 Offside PC 2 W 0 Corners PC 8 W 3 Saves PC 1 Showalter W 7 Roscetti

Record PC 8-0-1

Game Notes JV won 1-0 on a Ethan Sandoval free kick and a combined shutout by Chase Doubet and AJ Yates.

Varsity records another shutout on the season with a good defensive display from Martez Johnson, Hunter Huber, Cameron Rosetto, Mitchell Whitman and Jensson Faulkner

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