At Central

PS 7 Central 0 Half 2-0

Scoring 4th Bereket Lehman (Joshua David) 

31st Lehman (Logan Cupi) 

42nd Lehman (Alex Yacoub, Logan Cupi) 

50th David (Cupi, Lehman) 

56th Mitchell Whitman (Isaac Durst) 

64th Gabriel Meister (Durst) 

77th Durst (Lehman) 


shots PC 22 P 2

fouls PC 9 P 5

offside PC 3 P 0

corners PC 6 P 0

saves PC 0 Grindinger/Noble P 14 Diaz

PCS record 6-5-1

Game Notes

Freshman Isaac Durst in his first varsity game scored a goal and had 2 assists. 

Bereket Lehman had at hat trick  

Joshua Grindinger had his 4th shutout of the year