PCS vs Dunlap

PCS 1 Dunlap 0 HT 0-0

Scoring 74th PC Gallup(Steidinger)

Shots PC 7 Dunlap 5 Fouls PC 16 Dunlap 12 Corners PC 3 Dunlap 5 Offside PC 1 Dunlap 0 Saves PC 5 Showalter Dunlap 6 Greseth

Record PCS 17-0-1

Gamenotes: Great way for our 16 seniors to have their Sr night. This team plays with so much heart and unity. Joel Showalter and the defense of Martez Johnson, Hunter Huber, Cameron Rosetto, Jensson Faulkner and Anthony Joseph has helped our team earn their 11th shutout. Alex Gallup's game winning goal came from a great pass by Dylan Steidinger.