PCS 10 BCC 1 halftime 5-0

Scoring 12th min PC Brooke(Gallup) 16th PC Gallup(Brooke) 34th PC Brooke(Wuebben) 35th PC Wuebben(Dalton) 39th PC Wuebben(Gallup) 43rd PC Brooke 46th PC Cupi(Brooke) 48th PC Rodman(Wuebben) 49th PC Steidinger(Wuebben) 51st PC Brooke(Gallup) 58th BCC Bentley (Tomerlin)

Records PC 12-0-1 BCC 1-14-1

Shots PC 20 BCC 1 Fouls PC 2 BCC 3 Corners PC 9 BCC 1 Offside PC 11 BCC 0 Saves PC 0 Showalter/Yates BCC 10 Miklich

Game Notes: PCS was given the #1 seed in the upcoming IHSA playoffs. PCS will host a Regional this year. Mason Brooke scored 4 goals and had 2 assists.