PCS vs Washington

PCS 2 Washington 2 halftime 2-2

Scoring: 7th PC Pierce(Gallup) 12th PC Rodman(Gallup) 18th W Spalding(Andres) 26th W Buck(Andres)

Shots PC 6 W 6 Fouls PC 8 W 9 Corners PC 4 W 10 Offside PC 1 W 1 Saves PC 4 Yates/Showalter W 4 Martinez

Record PCS 17-0-2 Washington 14-3-2

GameNotes: PCS finishes the regular season undefeated for the first time in program history since joining the IHSA. PCS has scored 92 goals and allowed 9 goals. PCS starts Regional play on Tuesday versus Macomb at 4:30.