PCS vs Williamsville

PCS 2 Williamsville 0 HT PCS 1 W 0

Scoring: 19th PC Molly Bennington(Katie Beachler) 45th min own goal

Shots P 5 W 7

Fouls P 5 W 3

Corners P 5 W 3

Offside P 1 W 1

Saves P 7 Watson W 3 Donneghue

Record PCS 4-4-2

Williamsville 6-8

Keseanna Watson anchored a great defensive effort in goal and made some absolutely stunning saves to secure the shutout. Other defenders include Erika Morgan, Natalie Vonachen, Sara Poretsky and Lauren Huskins all who played great. Bailey Roth also had a tremendous game at center mid.

Very encouraged and pleased with the effort of the girls tonight

PCS at Macomb

PCS 1 Macomb 0

Scoring 77th min Katie Beachler(Molly Bennington)

Shots PC 3 M 2

Fouls PC 2 M 3

Corners PC 2 M 6

Offside PC 1 M 0

Saves PC 2 Keseanna Watson M 2  unavailable

PCS 3-4-2

2nd straight win. Freshman Katie Beachler scored her 2nd goal of the season and its her 2nd game winning goal


PCS 4 IVC 0 half PC 2-0

Scoring 12th min Molly Bennington (Grace Bachman)

38th min Bailey Roth (Katie Beachler)

41st min Bennington

57th min Bennington (Bachman)


PC 12 IVC 2

Fouls PC 9 IVC 2

Corners PC 8 IVC 3

Offside PC 2 IVC 0

Saves PC 2 Watson IVC 8 Cecil

PC 2-4-2

Molly Bennington recorded her first hat trick of the season. 

Grace Bachman recorded her first two assists of her career. 

PCS at Judah’s Christian Tourney

PCS vs Judah 1-1 Goal by Emma Smit

PCS vs Bloomington 1-2 Goal by Molly Bennington assist Alyssa Ellenbecker

3rd Place Game

PCS vs Bloomington 0-2

PCS vs Galesburg

PCS 2 Galesburg 1 Halftime 2-0
Scoring 10th minute PC Molly Bennington(Sarah Poretsky)
39th Min PC Katie Beachler(Bennington)
52nd min G Lingafelter

Shots PC 11 G 4
Fouls PC 1 G 5
Corners PC 5 G 3
Offside PC 0 G 1
Saves PC 3 Keseanna Watson G 9 Sullivan

Record PC 1-0-0 Galesburg 0-3-0


Good start to the season. Looking forward to watching this team grow throughout the season.