Season Review

Well tonight we ran into a talented UHigh squad that won the Regional Championship. I can type out the stats for the game but instead I want to focus on the season as a whole. We started the season with 15 players which is more than we thought at the time, we ended up with 16, 8 of which never played a minute of high school soccer. We learned as we went and improved all season long. The girls played the game with heart and were very coachable which led to success not just on the scoreboard (11-6-2) but more importantly off the scoreboard. I challenged the girls to play for something bigger than self and bigger than the scoreboard. I feel with out a doubt they did exactly that. The four seniors Elise, Jessa, Hannah, and Bekah set the standard for this team which allowed us to have success. I love this team and I'm sad that this group won't get a chance to take the field again. I love being the coach at Peoria Christian School.  -Coach Hynek

Regional vs IVC

PCS 2 IVC 1 halftime 2-1


22nd IVC Bangert(O'Bryant)

25th PCS Bennington (Poretsky)

39th PCS Bennington (UA)


Shots PC 7 IVC 2

Fouls PC 4 IVC 8

Offside PC 7 IVC 0

Corners PC 1 IVC 3

Saves PC 1 Watson IVC 5 Smith


Record PCS 11-5-2


Game Notes: Molly Bennington scored her 20th and 21st goals on the year. Elise Johnson, Keena Johnson, Jessa Kieser, and Natalie Vonachen played a great game defensively for the Chargers! PCS has now won a IHSA state series game for 10 straight seasons and will play in the Regional Championship for the 9th consecutive time.

Sr Night

PCS 7 EP 0 halftime 6-0


3rd min Smith(Kieser)

3rd min Kieser(Bennington)

13th min Rauch(Smith)

17th min Kieser(Bennington)

33rd min Bennington(Rauch)

34th min Smith(Bennington)

41st min E. Johnson

Shots PC 14 EP 1

Fouls PC 3 EP 2

Offside PC 1 EP 1

Corners PC 3 EP 0

Saves PC 1 Watson EP 6 Ransom


PCS 10-4-2

EP 2-12

Game Notes: All four PCS seniors Elise Johnson, Jessa Kieser, Hannah Rauch and Bekah Smith scored a goal on their Sr Night. Kessanna Watson's 9th shutout


PCS vs Quad Cities Christian

PCS 7 QC 0 halftime 6-0


4th min Kieser(Roth)

9th min Bennington(Vonachen)

10th min Bennington (Morgan)

31st min Morgan(Smith)

33rd min Smith(K.Johnson)

33rd min Kieser(Bennington)

41st min Bennington(Rauch)


Shots PC 20 QC 3

Fouls PC 1 QC 1

Corners PC 4 QC 0

Offside PC 4 QC 0

Saves PC 3 Watson QC 13 Grisson


PC record 9-4-2

PCS vs DePue

Final PCS 10 DePue 0 ht 6-0



6th min Bekah Smith(Erika Morgan)

16th min Smith

28th min Molly Bennington(Smith)

35th min Smith(Bailey Roth)

37th min Roth(Smith)

39th min Emma Smit(Morgan)

48th min Hannah Rauch(Morgan)

51st min Morgan (Smith)

62nd min Natalie Vonachen(Maddie Carver)

64th min Elise Johnson(Abi Spengler)


Shots PC 25 D 0

Fouls PC 0 D 1

Offside PC 5 D 1

Corners PC 12 D 0

Saves PC 0 Watson D 11 Gutierrez


Record 8-4-2


Game notes: Natalie Vonachen, Elise Johnson, Emma Smit all scored their first goal of the season. Bailey Roth had a goal and an assist on her birthday! I'm pretty sure Molly Bennington set a record by hitting the goalpost 6 times tonight!


PCS vs Washington

At EastsidePCS 2 Washington 5 Halftime 0-3

5th min W J Morgan(Trapp)
6th min W J Morgan(Crum)
26th min W Damery(Prina)
47th min W Sophonovong(PK)
60th min PC Erika Morgan(PK)
77th min W Sophonovong
79th min PC Molly Bennington(Rauch)

Shots PC 7 W 13
Fouls PC 9 W 10
Offside PC 0 W 2
Corners PC 2 W 4
Saves PC 8 Watson W 5 Crum

PCS 7-4-2
Washington 8-3-1


PCS at Central Catholic

PCS 3 BCC 2 Halftime BCC 2-1

18th min BCC Shanks

20th min BCC Shanks

33rd min PC Molly Bennington

61st min PC Bennington(Bekah Smith)

78th min PC Bennington (Jessa Kieser)

PCS record 7-3-2

Shots PC 9 BCC 13

Fouls PC 3 BCC 3

Offside PC 3 BCC 2

Corners PC 2 BCC 5

Saves PC 11 Watson BCC 6 Hadley/Stevens


Freshman Molly Bennington's hat trick completed the comeback for the Chargers after giving  up two goals in the first 20 minutes. The defense of GK Keseanna Watson, Elise Johnson, Kenna Johnson, Natalie Vonachen, Bekah Smith, and Erika Morgan all played a great game. Incredible heart and effort was put into the match. The last time PCS played BCC, BCC won 7-1...nice win for the team tonight!

Peoria Christian vs Olympia

Final PC 3 Oly 0 halftime 2-0


6th min PC Bennington

38th min PC Smith(Morgan)

72nd min PC Bennington (Rauch)

Shots PC 9 Oly 3

Fouls PC 4 Oly 2

Offside PC 4 Oly 1

Corners PC 7 Oly 2

Saves PC 3 Watson Oly 6 Litwiller


Watson's 6th shutout on the year

Bennington's 10th goal on the year

Smith's 11th goal of the year

Morgan team leading 8th assist

PCS vs Central

PCS 8 Central 0 halftime 8-0

Scoring 4th min Molly Bennington(Hannah Rauch)

13th min Bennington (Erika Morgan)

22nd min Bennington(Rauch)

24th min Bekah Smith(Morgan)

26th min Smith(Kenna Johnson)

28th min Bailey Roth(Morgan)

33rd min Stephanie Bivens(Bennington)

34th min Bivens(Maddie Carver)

Shots PC 17 Cent 1

Fouls PC 2 Cent 3

Offside PC 7 Cent 0

Corners PC 9 Cent 0

Saves PC 1 Keseanna Watson Cent 9 Alvarado

PCS record 5-3-2

PCS at Williamsville

PCS 2 Williamsville 1 ht 2-0


Scoring PC 11th minute Hannah Rauch(Erika Morgan)

PC 21st minute Bekah Smith(Morgan)

W 72nd minute Karras(Unassisted)


Shots PC 11 W 5

Fouls PC 2 W 1

Offside PC 2 W 0

Corners PC 3 W 4

Saves PC 4 Watson W 9 Doneghue


Record PC 4-3-2

I'm really impressed with the team's hard work and they way they play as an unit to see out this win. The team played great! 

PCS vs Macomb

PCS 7 Macomb 0 HT 3-0

6th min Sarah Poretsky(Molly Bennington)

15th Bekah Smith (Bailey Roth)

26th Hannah Rauch

46th Bennington(Smith)

53rd Smith

60th Erika Morgan (Bennington)

80th Roth(Morgan)

Shots PC 22 M 2

Fouls PC 11 M 3

Offside PC 0 M 0

Corners PC 4 M 0

Saves PC 2 Kessannna Watson M 15 Gruidl

Record 3-3-2

2017 Season to date

PCS 7 Galesburg 0

PCS 1 Richwoods 1

PCS 1 La Salle Peru 0

PCS 0 Orion 3

PCS 2 Orion 3

PCS 1 Limestone 2



Record 2-3-2

players stats updated on Max Preps


Regional Championship

PCS 1 BCC 7 halftime 4-1

Scoring PC 28th min Myroth(Salzer) BCC 3rd min Brady, 3rd min Brady, 34th L. Shanks, 35th Own goal, 53rd L. Shanks(O'Connor), 70th min L. Shanks, 72nd min Bevilacqua

PCS record 12-9-1

Shots PC 3 BCC 14 Fouls PC 7 BCC 2 Offside PC 1 BCC 0 Corners PC 5 BCC 5 Saves PC 7 Watson BCC 2 Hadley

Game Notes: Congrats to BCC on a well deserved Regional Championship. PCS has played in 8 straight Regional Championship matches.



1A Regional @Eastside

PCS 7 Manuel 0

Scoring 2nd min Myroth(Vonachen) 6th min Morgan 15th min Walton(Sidler) 21st Smith (Sidler) 24th min Bivens(Sidler) 30th min Salzer(Sidler) 31st min Hensold

Shots PC 13 Man 0 Fouls PC 0 Man 2 Offside PC 2 Man 0 Corners PC 8 Man 0 Saves PC 0 Watson Man 6

PCS record 12-8-1

Game Notes: Erika Morgan scores her 1st goal. Anne Sidler had 4 assists. Keseanna Watson recorded her 9 shutout. 7 different goal scorers in tonight's game. PCS will play in their 8th straight Regional Championship.

PCS advances to play Bloomington Central Catholic(4-0 winner over IVC) this Saturday at 6:00.



PCS vs East Peoria

PCS 1 EP 1 halftime 1-1

Scoring 9th min EP Sommer(Peterson) 35th min PC Walton(Myroth)

Shots PC 5 EP 2 Fouls PC 7 EP 3 Offside PC 1 EP 3 Corners PC 11 EP 3 Saves PC 1 Watson EP 3 Maxwell

PC record 11-7-1

Game Notes: PCS honored their 6 seniors Joy Hensold, Jordan Myroth, Piper Nicholson, Olivia Salzer, Anne Sidler, Lindsay Walton



PCS at STM Tourney

PCS 4 Judah Christian 0 halftime 4-0 Scoring 6th min Jordan Myroth (Elise Johnson) 30th min Lindsay Walton (Olivia Salzer) 32nd min Walton (Myroth) 35th Walton (Roxie Sedekum)

3rd place game PCS 3 Bloomington 1 Scoring 31st min Myroth (Rauch) 48th min Bloom (unavailable) 68th min Anne Sidler (Erika Morgan) 78th min Sidler

PCS Record 11-6

Game Notes PCS wins 3rd place All Tourney Team Olivia Salzer and Elise Johnson Watson records her 9th shutout Sr Lindsay Walton recorded her first ever hat trick



PCS vs St Thomas More

PCS 0 STM 4 halftime 0-4

Scoring 8th McCall (Hoffman) 11th Schmitt (Guebelle) 22nd McCall (Schmitt) 24th Geubelle

Shots PC 2 STM 7 Fouls PC 3 STM 2 Corners PC 5 STM 2 Offside PC 0 STM 4 Saves PC 3 Watson STM 2 Hopper

Game Notes Elise Johnson played a great 80minutes for the Chargers. Great second half effort to help us prepare for Saturday!




PCS 0 BCC 3 halftime 0-2

Scoring 23rd min BCC Shanks(O'Connor) 31st min BCC Shanks (O'Connor) 78th min BCC Bevilacqua (Osterbuhr)

PCS Record 8-6

Shots PC 0 BCC 7 Fouls PC 2 BCC 3 Offside PC 0 BCC 2 Corners PC 3 BCC 5 Saves PC 4 Watson BCC 0 Hadley

Roles Reversed PCS is the #1 seed in the sub sectional and BCC is #4



PCS vs Olympia

PCS 4 Olympia 0 halftime 1-0

Scoring 10 seconds Joy Hensold (Lindsay Walton) 59th minute Bekah Smith (PK) 71st minute Brie Nielsen (Lindsay Walton) 79th minute Roxy Sesekum (Brie Nielsen)

PCS Record 9-5

Shots PC 7 Oly 1 Fouls PC 3 Oly 2 Corners PC 10 Oly 0 Offside PC 3 Oly 0 Saves PC 1 Kesanna Walton Oly 3 Terrell

Game Notes Watson 8 shutouts on the year Roxy Sedekum 1st varsity goal Brie Nielsen with a goal and assist for the first time in the same game Potential Regional Championship match on Tuesday as PCS host Bloomington Central Catholic