Final PCS 10 DePue 0 ht 6-0



6th min Bekah Smith(Erika Morgan)

16th min Smith

28th min Molly Bennington(Smith)

35th min Smith(Bailey Roth)

37th min Roth(Smith)

39th min Emma Smit(Morgan)

48th min Hannah Rauch(Morgan)

51st min Morgan (Smith)

62nd min Natalie Vonachen(Maddie Carver)

64th min Elise Johnson(Abi Spengler)


Shots PC 25 D 0

Fouls PC 0 D 1

Offside PC 5 D 1

Corners PC 12 D 0

Saves PC 0 Watson D 11 Gutierrez


Record 8-4-2


Game notes: Natalie Vonachen, Elise Johnson, Emma Smit all scored their first goal of the season. Bailey Roth had a goal and an assist on her birthday! I'm pretty sure Molly Bennington set a record by hitting the goalpost 6 times tonight!