Well tonight we ran into a talented UHigh squad that won the Regional Championship. I can type out the stats for the game but instead I want to focus on the season as a whole. We started the season with 15 players which is more than we thought at the time, we ended up with 16, 8 of which never played a minute of high school soccer. We learned as we went and improved all season long. The girls played the game with heart and were very coachable which led to success not just on the scoreboard (11-6-2) but more importantly off the scoreboard. I challenged the girls to play for something bigger than self and bigger than the scoreboard. I feel with out a doubt they did exactly that. The four seniors Elise, Jessa, Hannah, and Bekah set the standard for this team which allowed us to have success. I love this team and I'm sad that this group won't get a chance to take the field again. I love being the coach at Peoria Christian School.  -Coach Hynek