PCS 8 DePue 0 Halftime score 7-0

Scoring 3rd min Lindsay Walton (Elise Johnson) 19th min Jordan Myroth (Walton) 22nd min Walton (Joy Hensold) 30th min Myroth (Walton) 32nd min Myroth 33rd min Bekah Smith (Anne Sidler) 36th min Brie Nielson (Smith) 43rd min Hannah Rauch (Erica Morgan)

Shots PC 14 DePue 0 Fouls PC 3 DePue 0 Corners PC 6 DePue 0 Offsides PC 1 DePue 0 Saves PC Watson 0 DePue Garcia 6

Game Notes Jordan Myroth scored her first hat trick of her career. 10 of the 16 players on the roster have scored a goal or have made an assist on the season. Defensive 2nd straight shutout (Sidler, Kieser, Vonachen, Morgan, Nicholson, GK Watson)