PCS vs Blessed Sacrament

7th Grade Game:

Blessed Sacrament 37 PCS 9

7th grade notes: First game in the books! First game jitters and lots of new players. Everyone was able to see some minutes of playing time. There is a lot to learn and once we grasp the offense and defense assignments, this team should be pretty good. There will never be a lack of effort with this group, they work hard! I hope someone got some video of the game, so we can compare it to later in the season.

8th Grade Game:

PCS 26 Blessed Sacrament 14

8th grade notes: Wow! What a game! That team beat us pretty bad last season. I think we surprised them a little. We have much to work on, but that is a great start. Good balance scoring and WOW was that great defense! We have solid depth at all positions too. A little foul trouble, but that should be easy to work on.