Peoria Christian Athletic Boosters Membership
  • Silver: $25 basic membership, *voting privileges, Eastside soccer parking pass
  • Gold: $50 membership, * voting privileges, t-shirt, Eastside soccer parking pass
  • Purple: $150 membership, * voting privileges, t-shirt, athletic pass, Eastside soccer parking pass
  • Charger 360: $360 membership ($30/month), *voting privileges, t-shirt, refillable popcorn cup, athletic pass for regular season home games, **Eastside soccer parking pass
  • Lifetime: $1,000 membership, *voting privileges, t-shirt, refillable popcorn cup, **athletic pass for regular season home games 

* attendance is required at monthly meetings to vote.

** . excluding TCC, IHSA events and post season, popcorn is for home events.

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