Jacob Kim, class of 2004, was the first graduate of the international student global leadership program (Leaders4Tomorrow). Accepted at a number of prestigious universities, he chose Purdue Lafayette to continue his education. After his graduation from Purdue, he joined LG Chem company's Lithium Ion battery marketing division. His word of wisdom:

Hello everyone: Yes, you should study hard, live hard, have passion, but let me give you a word of advise on career planning. Again, you can plan ahead to become a professional like a doctor or lawyer but for me the world became full of opportunities when I took interest in things that were interesting and amazing to me inside and outside the classroom while at Purdue. My background in engineering and business served me well to obtain a position with LG Chem. At the time of my hiring, the market for lithium ion batteries was not as exploding in demand as it is now. However, with the growth of electric cars and development of alternative energy, think-Tesla and solar panels-I am an important part of an exciting and growing field. My word of wisdom is to take what you learn in the classroom beyond the lecture halls. Take interest in research opportunities. Engage the professors. Take an interest in how the world is changing and how you can become part of the invention and innovation that impacts that change. At Purdue, you can do all that and more.