Currently a 10th grade student, Dan is ambitious, diligent, confident, and easy-going. He has been invited to be part of the Distinguished Scholar Diploma (Honors Diploma given to top tier students who've exhibited leadership, service, and outstanding academic excellence). In addition to extra AP's, Honors, and service requirements, a component of the diploma deals with "What is your life calling?" We, the mentors-teachers-leaders of PCS, hope and pray that Dan will continue to be a lighthouse to the world with his incredible potential realized in an impactful and fulfilled life not only for himself but for many others around the world.

After high school, Dan is planning to pursue a Business-related major at possibly UMichigan, Babson, Cornell, NYU, and UPenn. He is fascinated and intrigued by technology driven businesses that have changed traditional paradigms of commerce such as Uber, online shopping, and many others.