We are excited to announce that at the beginning of school 2017–students may bring their own personal electronic devices - including laptops and some handheld technology, (laptops, and tablets) - with them to PCS. This will enable students to use a combination of district technology and their own to facilitate their learning. No longer will our high school students be limited by the availability of district technology or access to software and applications.

While many of our students already own laptops and computing devices, some parents have contacted us to ask, “If I wanted to purchase a laptop or other device for my child, what would you recommend?” Because family and individual student needs differ, this can be a complex question to answer. However, there are some general specifications that can be considered by everyone, so we have created this document to give you some guidance.

The ideal computing device for school use: • Is lightweight and sturdy; • Is in a protective carrying case; • Has several hours of battery power and easy options for recharging; • Has wireless capabilities and appropriate software; • Offers sufficient storage; •

Step One

Find a device that meets the specifications below

Step Two

Register your device with the button below

Step Three

Bring your device in to have the PCS client installed

Specifications for a student laptop

If you are considering purchasing a new computer, it’s important to keep in mind how the student is going to use the computer. For example, Juniors and Seniors who plan to pursue a college program may want to contact an advisor from that program to seek recommendations specific to that field. We recommend that you consider the following minimum specifications for any new purchases:

Specifications for a student tablet device

While there are times that a handheld device is the most appropriate tool for a specific purpose, there are limitations that should be considered as well. Limitations to these devices are specific to model. Please discuss the following with your vendor:  • Speed of the Internet browser • Responsiveness, size and readability of the screen • Availability of Apps • Battery life

Click above to register your personal device to be enrolled in the BYOD initiative. After you register your device you will also need to bring in the device to have the PCS client installed. 


Leasing a computer from PCS is also an option. The lease devices are refurbished Dell Laptops. A laptop can be leased for a period of 5 months at a time. Below is the lease agreement and guidelines