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just as PCS children receive the benefits of past donations, your gifts today will enhance the opportunities not only for current students, but also for generations of PCS students to come. our prayer is that every seed that's planted today will be loved, watered, and cultivated to grow into blessings for our future

Annual Fund

Traditionally, a school's Annual fund gives flexibility and added strength to the school's operating budget and allows the school to channel energy where it's most needed at any given time and to undertake projects that wouldn't otherwise be possible. Our Annual Fund helps us create the richness you find in the ministry of PCS!

You can make an immediate impact on PCS students by supporting Peoria Christian School's Annual Fund. Our goal is to have 100% Assocation support of our annual fund. We welcome your one-time contribution of any amount or a monthly commitment of any size.

Athletics fund

Gifts provide funding for all sports programs. Areas of impact include: sports equipment, uniforms and facilities updates for our entire sports programs at all schools.

Fine arts fund

Gifts support the equipment needs for our performing arts. These areas of impact include: theater productions, musical instruments, costumes, set design and visual artists for our entire fine arts programs.

Marketing & Promotion fund

Peoria Christian School is the only PreK-12 private Christian school in the Peoria area. With our distinctive pursuit of biblical infusion and worldview in every aspect of student life, it is our goal to communicate this distinction so our communities, state and nation will see God's work through PCS and desire to join the PCS family. Your gift allows PCS to promote Christian education and PCS through physical marketing, web, TV, billboards, radio, and other sources of communication.

Professional Development Fund

PCS strives to recruit and retain mission-appropriate faculty and staff who teach to the highest standards and are passionate about living, knowing, and educating your students to reach their God-given purpose. This fund supports the continued training needed to equip our faculty and staff to contend and live out their faith.

Scholarships Fund

Peoria Christian School has been investing in children's education since 1950. Over thousands of students of all races and nationalities have been accepted into PCS; however, their families, due to various circumstance, cannot fulfill the full responsibility of tuition. Your gift enables existing and new students to receive academic and biblical preparation for their God-given assignments who would otherwise not be able to attend PCS. Help us continue the tradition of investing in children's spiritual walk with Christ through the ministry of PCS!

Spiritual Life Development fund

Biblical worldview is the bedrock of PCS. It is our God-given assignment to invest in ideas and programs that enhance the spiritual of our PCS students. Your gift to God through PCS for spiritual life programs, events, speakers, and initiatives aim to have a lasting and positive impact on our students, enabling PCS to come alongside of parents and church leaders in training our students to reverence God in all things, so when they grow up they will not depart from Him.

Technology and Innovation fund

Annual gifts provide funding for teachers to facilitate student learning, update and enhance resources, and allow PCS to stay current with our ever-changing world of technology.

The Annual Giving Menu of Funds supports faculty and students through the school's operating budget. Should your earmarked contributions exceed a fund's limited budget, the school directs the use of such funds to the area of greatest need within the Annual Giving Menu.

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