When Worlds Collide

Chuck Colson, Christian author said "In every action we take, we are doing one of two things: we are either helping to create hell on earth or helping to bring down a foretaste of heaven.  We are either contributing to the broken condition of the world or participating with God in transforming the world to reflect his righteousness. We are either advancing the rule of Satan or establishing the reign of God."  At Peoria Christian High school we are seeking to bring down a foretaste of heaven by our interactions and relationships with our students.  We are seeking to participate with God in transforming the world to reflect his righteousness by opening up the Word of God with our students daily by the renewing of their minds.  And we are seeking to establish the reign of God by continuing to direct the students attention to the Cross and the sacrifice that was demonstrated for each of them.   

As each of us regularly walk the hallways of PCHS, we are struck by the privilege of educating these young minds to seek and pursue Christ in all aspects of their world.  God is working and moving at Peoria Christian High school.  Hearts are being softened and molded to his likeness. May God continue to be glorified and lifted up at Peoria Christian.

Serving the Kingdom through the gift of academics, 

Angie Lyons
High School Principal