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NDU Education (NDU 교육) has been working with PCS for the past 15 years. Intentional Success Model, led by NDU Education has directed, supported, and counseled 100% of the international graduates to successful acceptances to finest universities, according to US News and Report rankings, in the United States and abroad.  Furthermore, the nurturing environment of the Peoria Christian community, combined with the customized support provided by the International Student Department, aim to fulfill the mission and vision of the school to prepare tomorrow’s world leaders spiritually, physically, emotionally, and academically . From the Ivy League universities such as Cornell and Columbia, to private colleges such as Northwestern U, New York U, Emory U, Boston U and more, to outstanding state universities such as UCLA, Georgia Tech, UIUC and many more world famous institutions, NDU 교육 졸업생  (98% accepted to first choice 4 year universities) have gone on to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams. 

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For more information and international admissions help please contact Ms. Soo Kim.

Soo Kim, Principal Counselor (academic management, support programs) and International Admissions (Short Term and Long Term)

309 686 4500 ext 242 (Office)

+1.309.444.0622 (Mobile)



Peter Kim, Department Director

309 686 4500 ext 241 (Office)

+1.309.472.5024 (Mobile)